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Getting Around Bryher and the rest of the Isles of Scilly during your stay


Once you have made your travel arrangements, please let us know how you will be getting to the Islands. We will then liaise with Tresco Boat Services, let you know your boat time (although we can make an educated guess, we won't know the exact time of your boat transfer until the day before), and we will meet you with the Landrover on your arrival on Bryher to transfer your luggage to your holiday accommodation. Amy will come and see you the day before you leave Bryher to confirm your return travel arrangements (although it would be appreciated if you could also let us know these before your holiday), and to let you know what time your boat will be. We (and the Landrover!) will collect your luggage from your accommodation approximately 15-20 minutes before your boat. If you wish to walk on ahead and leave your luggage you are more than welcome - we will meet you at the boat and ensure your luggage is loaded!


During your stay, you will be getting around on foot. Bryher is only a mile long by half a mile wide, so nowhere is very far away! The 'roads' are either concreted or rough tracks, and you may need to watch your step occasionally, especially where there may be loose gravel. Torches are provided in all our accommodation - there are no street lights on Bryher and the dark takes a little getting used to, although you will experience some amazing starry skies, and possibly even a few shooting stars!


Some people enquire about bringing bikes, but they aren't really necessary. Plus the boat services will charge to transport them, and it isn't ideal getting bikes on and off boats - especially at low tide when there may be lots of steps to the top of the quays! Bike hire is available on Tresco ( and St Mary's ( or if you are visiting these islands for the day.


Staying on Bryher, you will be using Tresco Boat Services for the vast majority of your daily boating. Tresco Boat Services serve Tresco, Bryher and St Martin's. St Mary's Boatmen's Association serve those staying on St Mary's, and St Agnes also operates their own local boat services. Tresco Boat Services offer daily trips to the other islands - generally (weather and tide permitting) you can get to Tresco every day, St Mary's every day except Sunday, and St Martin's and St Agnes on alternate days (St Martin's on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and St Agnes on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday). They also offer circular trips around the Eastern Isles or the Western Rocks for birds and seals (including puffins from the end of April to mid July) and evening trips for supper. They also follow the gig races on Wednesday and Friday evenings. There are boat boards dotted around the island - at Jenford (near the telephone box in 'Town') and at Fraggle Rock Bar & Cafe. Hell Bay Hotel will also have the boat times displayed in Reception. Times for the following day's trips usually go up at about lunchtime the day before. For more information please call 01720 423373 or see .


There are also specialist independant boat operators offering trips, and by prior arrangement, they should be able to pick you up from Bryher or meet you at St Mary's Quay when you get there with Tresco Boat Services.

  • The Falcon and Raptor are high speed RIBs available for trips, for more information please see .

  • Sea Quest, the glass bottomed boat, allows you to view the seabed as you travel around the islands. Trips depart St Mary's Quay at approx 10.30am.

  • Island Sea Safaris operate a morning or afternoon RIB wildlife sea safari - see seals, sea birds and view wreck sites. For more information please see .


If you are feeling more adventurous and independent, why not hire a motor boat, sailing boat, rowing boat or kayak from Hut 62 at Bennett Boatyard - enjoy the freedom to escape to Samson for the day under your own steam and come back when you are ready, with no worries about missing the boat home! 07979 393206.

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