Coronavirus Update

Opening after lockdown, July 2020 (published 27/06/2020, last updated 28/09/2020)


Read the latest information from the Council of the Isles of Scilly and Public Health

in response to questions about visiting Scilly during the coronavirus pandemic: www/ (page most recently updated 25/09/2020)

Click here for info on what is open on the islands.

Click here for embarkation and disembarkation procedures for the Scillonian.


  • To protect our island community and all our guests, please do not travel if:

  1. You have symptoms of Coronavirus – or have had symptoms in the last 7 days         

  2. You share a household with anyone who has had symptoms in the last 14 days        

  3. You have been advised to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace


   Please remember Scilly is an isolated location. We have excellent, but limited medical services and our nearest major hospital is in Truro.

  • NB IMPORTANT: In the unlikely event that a member of your party falls ill with suspected symptoms of Covid-19 during your stay, please let us know as soon as possible. You will need to ring 01626 204950 to request a test – please self isolate with your party in your accommodation while you wait for the results. If you test positive, there is a fund in place to assist with the cost of returning you and your party to Penzance in order to return home to self isolate. You would be responsible for arranging onward transport from Penzance -        you will not be permitted to travel on public transport. It's highly advisable to use your car to travel to Penzance this year, if you usually use public transport, just in case! If you do have to travel on public transport, please have an alternative plan to get home using private transport in case you do need to be evacuated.

  • If for any reason you are unable to travel home and need to self isolate in your holiday accommodation on Bryher, then you will be liable for the extra accommodation costs if that period of self isolation takes you beyond the end of your original booking. This will most likely require us to cancel following bookings.

  • If you are a guest whose trip is sadly cancelled in this way, we sympathise with your disappointment but trust that you understand the need for us to do so in these exceptional circumstances. We will make a full refund of any payments made for accommodation, but regrettably, we will not be able to refund any other costs such as flights, parking or ferries. 

  • Of course, if you have severe symptoms, our excellent local NHS services will provide care and support as usual. The most serious cases will be flown out to a mainland hospital.

  • Please review your travel insurance arrangements prior to travelling.

  • IOS Travel and Penzance Heliport will have their own protocols in place. Face coverings must be used at all times (customers must provide their own), and no excess luggage will be permitted on the Scillonian. Please also allow extra time for embarking and disembarking. Please see click on either the Scillonian or Skybus tabs for more information. Penzance Helicopters will provide more information to you if you have booked to travel with them.

  • Pack light! The waiting rooms on St Mary’s and Bryher will be closed (also on St Martin’s and St Agnes). For those travelling on the ship, luggage will be handled as usual (25kg luggage allowance). For those flying, if you have to wait for a boat from St Mary’s, there will be nowhere to store your luggage, unfortunately. Rucksacks may be a good idea? However, Island Carriers on St Mary's are offering a luggage storage facility - please call 01720 422662 for more information.

  • Also with this in mind, please bring waterproofs in case of inclement weather.

  • For those flying into Tresco on the helicopter, the Quay waiting room will be open if required.

  • All the cottages and chalets water systems have been flushed through and showerheads disinfected to remove the risk of infection from Legionella (as the properties have been standing empty for a while). The hot water is set to 60 degrees to kill legionella bacteria – please take care while using the hot water, especially with young children.

  • Bryher Shop is open, according to current guidelines, but please pre order your groceries online a week before your holiday for delivery to your cottage/chalet on the day you arrive (if you are staying for multiple weeks please be prepared to do another online order as well). Deliveries will be late afternoon, around 5pm ish. You will be able to visit the shop during your stay, (there will be restricted numbers and social distancing) but please keep this to a minimum. If shop staff contract Covid-19, the Council of the Isles of Scilly have assured us that contingency plans are in place. Further information is available on the shop website, and on their social media pages (Instagram @bryhershop and Facebook @BryherShop).

  • Island Fish will be offering takeaway twice a week (grilled lobster on Monday evening and paella on Thursday evening). Their shop will be open 6 days a week with restricted numbers and social distancing in place.

  • Olivia’s Kitchen is open 10am - 4.30pm ish every day, with lots of new outdoor seating and a takeaway service, as well as eat in evening meals on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  • Fraggle Rock has been offering a takeaway service and will continue this. They have introduced a one way system through the cafe, and have lots of outside eating space. Inside tables are limited, please do book in advance for evenings.

  • Hillside Farm stall is open as usual, and is re-stocked on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

  • The Fudge Stall will be open with social distancing in place.

  • Hell Bay Hotel will be closed to non-residents this year.

  • The Crab Shack is shut until further notice.

  • More information on Bryher’s food outlets will be in your accommodation.

  • The Community Centre is closed until further notice.

  • The MUGA / Tennis Court will be open. Please bring your own rackets and balls. Phone or email Hell Bay to book (01720 422947 /

  • Hut 62 will be open for boat hire etc.

  • YOGA BRYHER - Join Gem for gentle slow flow yoga around Bryher this summer. Beginners are welcome however this practice is not suitable for anyone with existing injuries. Scheduled yoga bi-weekly on Hell Bay lawn is available to book online at in advance (you will automatically receive a full refund if a class is cancelled due to inclement weather). See local advertising or follow Yoga Bryher on Instagram and/or Facebook for beach meditation, family friendly sessions at the campsite and sunrise or sunset yoga around the coast. 

  • Tresco Boats will be operating as usual. However, there will be reduced passenger capacity on the boats (outside seating only - wrap up warm!) and passengers will need to wear face masks – please bring your own supplies of these.

  • Please pay the balance for your holiday by BACS the day before you travel.

  • Currently, according to law, parties staying in our accommodation can be up to 6 people, preferably from the same household, but if you are from different households, this is ok as long as you socially distance. Children are included in this 'Rule of 6'. However, if the area where you live is subject to local restrictions, people from different households may not be able to stay in the same property - please do check your local guidance - the Government website has more information here. As a business we are legally obliged to enforce this rule, and can be subject to a £4000 fine if we are found to be flouting the guidelines.

  • We are legally required to display the Test & Trace QR codes in each cottage/chalet - please check in each day using the app if you have it. Don't worry if you don't have the app, we still have at least the lead name of your party and contact details (phone number / email), and will use these for Test & Trace if necessary.

  • We will meet you when you arrive as usual, respecting the required social distancing and wearing a face mask – sorry, no hugs or handshakes this year! 

  • There will be hand sanitiser on the boat. One person from each party will be needed to help with the human chain to unload luggage. PLEASE ENSURE LUGGAGE IS CLEARLY LABELLED AND MARKED WITH THE NAME OF YOUR ACCOMMODATION TO HELP REDUCE EXCESS HANDLING. There will be hand sanitiser at Bar and Quay to use after the luggage has been unloaded. Please keep your masks on while in the luggage chain.

  • I am sorry, but we are unable to offer lifts to the accommodation. We will transport your luggage to and from the accommodation on arrival and departure; the Land Rover will be regularly sanitised. We may also use the tractor and link box.

  • In order to accommodate the extra cleaning protocols, and time to air the property, we have had to amend the check in and out times. The cottages and chalets will now be available from 5.00pm on the day of arrival. On departure, please check out by 9.30am. Apologies for any inconvenience, but we hope you appreciate our reasons. If the accommodation is ready before 5.00pm, we will let you know so that you can get settled as soon as possible.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available in each cottage/chalet, as well as hand soap at each sink, including the kitchen. The hand sanitiser will be for use only in the accommodation – please do not remove it. Please bring your own supplies for travelling and for when you are out and about during your stay.

  • If you wish to use disposable gloves, please bring your own supplies as stocks are limited.

  • During Covid-19 national agreement has been developed to ask people to approach their own GP for routine healthcare issues while on holiday; to reduce the amount of face to face contact within GP practices.

  • All GP practices within England are now able to offer video and telephone consultations for their patients and send prescriptions electronically to a local pharmacy.

  • People who develop a new health problem while on holiday are welcome to register as a temporary patient; please contact St Mary’s Health Centre on 01720 422628 initially.

  • Please also bring extra supplies of any medication you may need, to reduce the need for pharmacy visits. It is recommended to also bring an extra 14 days worth in case you are required to isolate at any stage.

  • Non-essential items such as books, DVDs, games, magazines, jigsaw puzzles, buckets and spades etc have all been removed from each cottage/chalet. You may want to bring your own favourites.

  • Blankets have also been removed from the bedrooms – these are available on request.

  • Excess cushions have been removed from the beds and sofas.

  • As usual the cottage/chalet will be cleaned thoroughly before your arrival, with extra measures including:

  1. Mattress, duvet and pillow protectors will be laundered on each changeover

  2. Mattresses, duvets and pillows will be steam cleaned at each changeover

  3. Curtains and carpets will be steam cleaned at each changeover

  4. Hard floors will be steam cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant at each changeover

  5. All high touch points (surfaces, cupboard handles, light switches, door handles, sockets, remote controls, banisters etc) will be disinfected at each changeover

  6. Bathrooms will be fully disinfected

  7. Keys and external handles will be disinfected at each changeover

  8. We will wear gloves, aprons and masks while cleaning the cottages/chalets

  9. All bedding, towels and cleaning cloths etc will be laundered at 60 degrees or above (all done personally by Amy), and tumble dried

  10. Tea, coffee and sugar are now in individual packs and we will leave 2 per person in the cottage/chalet to reduce waste

  11. Chalets: one beach towel per person will be left in each chalet, rather than in the communal laundry shed

  12. Chalets: the drawers in the freezer in the laundry shed have been labeled for each chalet

  • In addition to our usual cleaning products, we are using Clean Pro+ Antiviral Cleaner & Disinfectant H44 (BS EN 1276, 13697 & 14476) and Selgiene Ultra T066 Virucidal Spray (BS EN 1276 & 14476).

  • Anti-bacterial spray, disinfectant and bleach will be left in the property for use during your stay.

  • Our guest information has been minimised to essential information and instructions only – all sheets are laminated for easy cleaning. A list of useful websites / social media pages will be included.

  • Chalet guests – please consider social distancing and other guests when accessing the laundry shed. A bottle of virucidal spray will be provided in the shed for your use if required.

  • Glenhope and Glenhope High guests – please consider social distancing and other guests when in the garden / accessing the waste bins.

  • To reduce the risk of potential virus spread, please do not invite anyone from outside your party into your accommodation.

  • Upon departure, please can we ask all guests to do the following to help us:

  1. Open all windows to air the property (though not if there is a strong wind and/or heavy rain!)

  2. Strip beds and place dirty linen and towels in the laundry bag provided

  3. Load the dishwasher with as much crockery and cutlery as possible and start a hot wash - we need to sterilise everything in the kitchens on each changeover

  4. Dispose of all used food items

  5. Empty all bins, secure bags and place in the waste bins outside the accommodation

  • If any maintenance is required during your stay, we will attend as soon as possible but ask you to please vacate the property before we arrive (unless in an emergency).

  • Please let us know if you become unwell in the two weeks after your departure.

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