Amy, Ted, Zoe & Isaac Langdon welcome you to Bryher! (and I must find a more up to date family photo, Isaac is as tall as me now, but rather camera shy!)


We look forward to meeting you and to sharing Bryher and the Isles of Scilly with you.


We have some Scillonian blood in the family, Ted's gran, Doris, was a Hicks and was born on St Agnes. Ted's dad, Gerald, was born on Tresco, and after marrying Ted's mum, Gillian, who was the school teacher on Tresco at the time, they moved to Cornwall where Ted and his sister, Marian, were born. The family returned to Bryher in the mid 1970's, when Ted was about 10 years old. Ted is a master of many trades and can be found all over the island doing building work, concreting roads, fixing tractors, welding things, providing haulage, manning the 'Waste & Recycling Centre' and refurbishing holiday accommodation, to name but a few things!


Amy is originally from Norwich, and first visited Bryher when she was 11, in the late 1980's, staying at Bank Cottage, just opposite Glenhope, Glenhope High and Atlanta. She came to Bryher after her A levels, for a year off, and has since worked at Hell Bay Hotel (for 5 seasons), Bryher Boatyard, and Isles of Scilly Inclusive Holidays, and also for the Council of the Isles of Scilly and most recently for the Islands' Tourism and Business Partnership on St Mary's, commuting 3 days a week. Now staying firmly on Bryher and focussing solely on the cottages and chalets, the year off is now in it's 24th year...!


Both Zoe and Isaac were born on St Mary's, Zoe being one of the first home births (at Marian's B&B, Belmont, practically next door to the hospital!) on the Islands for many years at the time and making the local papers! Isaac's arrival 3 1/2 years later was a little more relaxed! Both children enjoy the carefree childhood of the Islands. Isaac goes to secondary school on St Mary's - boarding weekly. We wave him off on a Monday morning, and enjoy a peaceful week before his return at about 4.30pm on a Friday! Now 19, Zoe has completed her A level studies at Truro College and is sharing her time between Bryher and Falmouth.


Zoe and Isaac look forward to meeting guests each year, and to catching up with those who visit regularly, and showing them around their island - it's a great carefree life!


You might want to watch the BBC Learning Zone William Whiskerson episode that Zoe and Isaac filmed back in October 2011 (click on the photo of William below!). We may be slightly biased, but we think it's great! And apart from the mention of the now defunct BIH helicopter service (but soon to be re-instated from Penzance in Spring 2020), it gives a great insight in to life on the Islands.













Watch William Whiskerson exploring Bryher, Isles of Scilly with Zoe and Isaac Langdon
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